BBC: Why India’s sanitation crisis kills women

Source: Soutik Biswas, BBC
This May 12, 2006 file photograph shows a slum resident (L) as he uses a toilet that opens into the water below as children swim in the water near a protest rally against the government for demolishing make-shift huts at Mandala in Mankhurd in north central Mumbai.
Nearly half-a-billion Indians lack access to basic sanitation

The gruesome rape and hanging of two teenage girls in the populous Uttar Pradesh state again proves how women have become the biggest victims of India’s sanitation crisis.
The two girls were going to the fields to defecate when they went missing on Tuesday night.

Nearly half-a-billion Indians – or 48% of the population – lack access to basic sanitation and defecate in the open. Continue reading

(Spanish) Cada dos minutos y medio muere un niño por falta de retretes, según ONU

Fuente: EFE vía LaVanguardia

Naciones Unidas, 28 may (EFE).- Cada dos minutos y medio muere un niño en el mundo debido a los problemas de salud pública que genera la práctica de la defecación al aire libre por falta de retretes, alertó hoy el subsecretario general de Naciones Unidas, Jan Eliasson.

La falta de retretes a veces no se percibe como un problema, pero tiene un “terrible impacto en la salud”, añadió Eliasson en el lanzamiento en la sede de Naciones Unidas de una campaña sanitaria para que todo el mundo tenga y use este tipo de instalaciones. Continue reading

WaterAid supports UN’s new call to end open defecation

Source: WaterAid

World leaders are taking renewed action on one of the world’s most pressing development challenges.

WaterAid today welcomes a new UN campaign to end open defecation.
Over 1 billion people around the world are forced to relieve themselves in the open, using bushes, fields, or the sides of roads and railway tracks. In these areas, pathogens spread quickly, causing diarrhoea, cholera, bilharzia worms and other life threatening diseases. Continue reading

With help from Sesame Street, UN urges partners to break silence on open defecation

Source: UN News Centre

Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson addresses the launch of the campaign to end open defecation. Photo: UN DPI/Simon Ruf

28 May 2014 – It is time to talk about open defecation, the United Nations declared today, launching a new campaign to end the practice and improve access to toilets and latrines for the 2.5 billion people worldwide without basic sanitation.

“I am here to talk about something the world chooses not to talk about,” UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson said in new York at the launch of the campaign, which, among other aims, urges people to “search open defecation,” find out more about the issue and participate in the solutions. Continue reading

Global launch of the UN sanitation campaign to end open defecation

The UN Deputy Secretary-General launches the UN sanitation campaign to end open defecation
Wednesday May 28, 2014 10:00-11:00am EDT
Watch the event webcast on UN Web TV

The United Nations and its partners are holding a press briefing and campaign launch at UN Headquarters on 28 May 2014 to help end the practice of open defecation and improve access to toilets and latrines for the 2.5 billion people without basic level sanitation.

“It is time to talk about open defecation,” said UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson. “To discuss the facts, the consequences and the solutions. And it is time to talk about the many countries around the world where community members, local leaders and politicians are taking positive action to end this practice.” Continue reading

Join the Call to Action on Sanitation

One-third of humanity—2.5 billion people—does not have access to a toilet or latrine. Over 1 billion people practice open defecation. Why does this matter in the fight against poverty & disease? Watch this new video featuring UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson to find out.

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